YO HD Antena DX Grup.


In memorial of YO7VS, silent key in March 2008 and continuing tradition for former “Oltenia Six Meters” Contest


“Memorial YO7VS” Contest will be in the same time with IARU – 50 MHz Contest

In 2020: 20 – 21 June, 14.00 – 14:00 UTC

Frequencies/ Modes:

According to the IARU Region I band plan for the 6 m band. CW / SSB / FM

Entry categories:

SO – single operator

MO – multi operator.


RS or RST + serial number starting with 001 + QTH Locator (6 characters).


1 point/km, no multiplier


Only electronic logs in EDI format are accepted.

The log must contain the following information:

Date (TDate)

Callsign (PCall)

QTH locator (PWWLo)

Category (PSect) SINGLE or MULTI

Band (PBand)

Logs needs to be uploaded to the address: upload page in 10 days or send by email to Received logs will be displayed on the dedicated web section. Logs received after the deadline will be used as check-logs.

You can verify that your log was received and it’s correct on the Received Logs page.

DX stations – Only the logs with at least five YO QSO will be part of the final results. All the received logs which don’t contain at least five YO QSO will be used as check-log and will give points to other participants.

With the same station, only one contact is allowed, regardless of working mode.


Top score from all categories will receive the Memorial YO7VS Trophy

Winners of 1st places for each section will receive plaques

Winners of 1st, 2nd and 3rd places for each section will receive paper awards.

Final remarks:

All participants who sent logs will be listed in the results table. For QSO validation, additional check-logs will be used. These check-logs will be obtained, when possible, from the organizers of other contests taking place in the same time.

QSOs made with stations which haven’t sent logs, and their log was not obtained from organizers of other contests will be scored as follows:

  • zero points if the call is unique (can’t be found in any other logs)
  • if the worked call is present in other logs, the QSO is valid if:
    • the received serial number is correlated with the time of the QSO
    • the received QTH locator is the same as the one received by the majority


  • The call HA8XYZ appears in five received logs. If the serial number received from HA8XYZ is increasing with the time of the QSO on all available logs, the QSO with HA8XYZ will be valid
  • The call HA8XYZ appears in 10 received logs. In 8 logs received QTH is KN06LN, and in 2 logs received QTH is KN07LN. QTH KN06LN will be considered the correct one.

If the time difference is higher than 5 minutes, the QSO is scored 0 points.

The QSO will be scored 0 points for the participant who made this type of errors:

  • wrong serial number
  • wrong QTH locator
  • or incorrect callsign reception (with or without /p)